Customer Success Story #1

1 month implementation and global rollout to 4 million daily unique visitors

A large American Digital Media and Broadcasting company chose us to design their web-farm.

The old setup hosted Joomla websites on EC2 instances running in different zones and failed to deliver content reliably for more than 150 concurrent connections.

We reimplemented it from scratch and, now the sites hosted on this farm consistently handle more than 4 million daily unique visitors and generate approximately 200 million pageviews a month. Customised content is to delivered seamlessly to people in different regions.


Our Solution:


  1. Optimise the web stack by discarding apache+php and replacing them with nginx+fpm.
  2. At the backend, we chose Amazon RDS with replication and backup.
  3. The first unit change yielded good results and we proceeded to scale our solution horizontally by creating a cluster of web servers.
  4. The AWS Elastic Load Balancer was introduced as the ingress point to the web cluster in conjunction with Route53 for managing DNS.
  5. AWS S3 was chosen for hosting most static content for images and css files.
  6. The final optimisation was the introduction of AWS cloudfront to improve content delivery and reduce latency.